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Branding TipsBranding is one of those things that I used to cringe at. Oh you paid £50k for a brand management campaign? And all you got was a fancy logo, some sounds, marketing material and a few ideas on how to promote the business? Seems like a good waste of money. But nowadays I understand branding a bit better. It’s not what you do its how people connect the dots. For example if you have ever seen the brand team at a huge corporate company you will know that its one of the most important elements to any business. The reason? It just makes sense. You need to create an image and this can be anything from salvage yards (more on that in a second) to huge corporate brands.

Warehouse701We had a client awhile back who came to us looking for a website build. The old site was pretty much what you would expect and the budget was pretty low too. Instead of just turning away these people we decided we would take them on and talk about how they are going to brand what they have. The site was based around architectural salvage for a client based in the UK. If you saw it though you would think it was a place where people dumped old and trendy furniture. NOT the ideal branding image that the company was going for.

So this is what we did.

3 Key Steps To Good Branding

1.) Select a large, broad picture of what the business/website should display. In our case we talked about reclaimed pieces of art or furniture. These pieces are in excellent condition and anyone who understands or knows about good quality furniture knows they are great value too! That’s stage 1.

2.) Stage 2 is to think about who your target audience are. Are they men or women? Are they younger or older audience? It doesn’t really matter but what is key is you decide who they are and you actually have data to back this up. In our case we looked at the past 1,000 sales of items on the lot, what were the characteristics of people who were purchasing this? Generally we found it was middle classed individuals who were around 30-60. So we know how to target them now.

3.) Target them – This is the tricky one as its something that isn’t just a “do this” answer. Finally of course you need to target your target audience (makes sense). To do this you will need to market to them. HOW you market to them is how you are going to make your profits. Poor marketing = NO profits. Good marketing = Crazy ROI figures. We knew that the people looking for these types of pieces weren’t going to look on social accounts or any type of gumtree style website, instead they were looking to search through Google. Hence SEO became our target focus. 3 months later we were more visible and (surprise) making more sales.

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