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Launch List

Last month I did an article on the Jack Boxers blog about 7 marketing tips for tech businesses. This was an article I didn’t really feel was perfect, but it was still pretty relavant so I didn’t want to remove it completely. Instead I thought I would add 4 more tips and have a more start-up orientated article to really get in-front of the people who need these tips the most (The ones just starting out.)

Most tech companies FAIL. And fail hard! I mean lose millions for investors, lose years of their lives that they can never get back. But if you truly have a product or service that can go all the way to the billion dollar mark, then starting off correctly is so important. Take the time to implement the processes from the very beginning and the knock on effect throughout the next 3 months to 30 years will be huge. In a positive way of course. Okay to the tips.

Launch ListTip 1 – Create a Launch List

Easy to say, harder to do. But investing money into creating buzz about your product is one of the most successful ways to launch a product. Nowadays even more so. With social media evolving the way it has, if you can reach one of the top hashtags, then guess what? You get in-front of millions of eyeballs worldwide! All for “free”. Obviously there is an investment both money and time upfront to get to this position but if you can get there then I would recommend investing upfront and worrying about the smaller details later on.

IndividualsTip 2 – Talk to Individuals (Don’t be corporate)

There’s nothing worse than a company that is a startup but already thinks they are one of the fortune 500 companies. Get over yourself you are a startup that could go under anytime! But whilst that might seem like a disadvantage, it actually involves your odds of connecting with customers! It helps people understand that you are a startup and what you offer is the best product on the market. We did this for a very weird client! Be individual and go out and connect with new customers individually. That’s your advantage vs a big corporate company!

Tip 3 – Create an Affiliate Programme

This is one I have seen on a number of websites, most recently on choseaquadcopter, a site designed to actually help people buy the correct drone for them. This works as follows. An individuals wants a specific item that isn’t brand relevant, they visit one of these sites, maybe they go to youtube and search instead, but they get onto the video that will direct them to the right product. They get the product they wanted and it took them only 10 mins, the end seller gets the sale from a customer that really needs what they are offering and the affiliate gets their commission. Everyone wins…. Seriously Everyone! If it’s good enough for Amazon its good enough for your business! We saw this in some pretty strange niches too.

Tip 4 – Don’t Be Perfect

People hate perfection. Products are never perfect so don’t try to pretend to be! Not a marketing tip as such, just a business tip in general. There is something in business called an MVP. It stands for Minimum viable product, this is the minimum good product you can bring to market and then get some sales from, gain experience and make it better as you go along. That is the way to launch a product, not to go all in on a launch thinking everything is perfect and saying it is too, only for people to be disappointed.

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