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SimpleWhy is it that logos cost $10,000 if you go to a professional agency? But if you go to fiverr.com then they cost around $25…. That’s a ridiculous difference for a product that is so simple it shouldn’t be that expensive.

The 2 issues of course are peace of mind (big companies like paying agencies a lot of money so they have peace of mind about a specific task) and the second is of course image. If you have a huge agency in New York, your overheads are going to be incredibly high. As a result your prices will reflect this. If you are a freelancer working with individual clients, chances are you are going to charge a lot less. It’s just basic business.

But today I wanted to talk about a logo we did (image below) for Lamborghini Hire UK that cost the client £50 and took us about 30 minutes to create. Now if you are a designer you are going to HATE this but if you aren’t and can listen to the story then you might actually like it.

Lambo Hire Logo

So the specs were “it needs to fit into our site. As you can see the site is very simply just a wordpress website. Meaning the logo had to fit in the top left as you would expect and also make sense with the Gold/Yellow/Black colour scheme of the overall site. Easy enough right? “Oh and they didn’t want to pay more than £20 as I can get it on fiverr for that” – That’s a statement I bet a few graphic designers have lost sleep over in the past few years.

K9 Mobile SecurityAnyway despite the insult we took on the client for an easy £50 and gave them the most basic model stating that you don’t get brand recognition or research when you spend £50 on a logo. Companies in the US are charging $10,000+ for this and we are doing it for £50, you must understand the difference. Another example we have done is right.

Obviously they did and the result was a very SIMPLE logo but one the client actually liked. We implemented it into the site and now we have a happy client and a simple logo creation process that allows us to net £40 an hour when we are building logos. My point on this article is to not be scared of charging a small amount of money. Everyone in the business space especially the design world states they need to charge a lot as clients mess them around, and that’s true, we have of course had this issue.


If you manage client expectations stating for the money there will be no free revisions and only 1 concept. You can actually build a solid business on a very cheap product/service model. Just think about it the next time someone says they only have £100 to spend on a logo campaign.

Another example client is ecoflor, this is simply a business that fits flooring for people and businesses. Instead of trying to create something that would have looked tacky at first glance, we simply went with the 3 colour logo that talks shows the brand name.

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