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not the way to market a lawyerThe picture to your right is what most people envision when you say you are a lawyer or work for a law firm in the UK. A bunch of old guys in wigs with about as much enthusiasm as a plank of wood.

The reality is, the UK has one of the tightest legal systems in the world. You can see this in action every day at any court in the UK!

Last week we shadowed a lawyer in Salisbury (Wiltshire) to ask them what they thought of the legal system and the image of legal services in the UK, and as we thought they agreed with us, too much is done by too few, too old!

A lot to take in if this is your first time hearing a rant on the Jack Boxers site, but nevertheless this article is going to be about how to market your law firm in a way that doesn’t make people fall asleep or think they are going to go to jail in the process.

lawyer marketing tips5 Lawyer Marketing Tips

  1. Website – The first is to have a good website. Web design can cost as little as £300 now, and you can get an extremely good one for around £1000! This will serve as your port of call for the following marketing techniques.
  2. Print – Advertise in local print magazines and papers but instead of trying to “win the client” straight away, which is what quite a lot of law firms do. Instead try to set up prospects for a meeting and also take an angle, so for example: “business insurance” or “property specialists” this makes you seem like the authority in this area. However easy or difficult it might seem to a client, they will always want to go with the best in the industry, it’s just human nature!
  3. SEO – SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of ranking in the search engines for highly profitable keywords. I won’t bore you with the details of how this happens, as it is quite boring, but its the number #1 most profitable way to get business online. If you don’t rank for your business’s service in your local area then how are you going to attract new clients? The answer is obviously, you aren’t! You can either try and do this yourself which we highly advice against, you can hire an SEO company or you can just hire an SEO freelancer who has some experience in the market already. There are many SEO consultants who only work with individuals in specific industries… Such as the legal services industry!
  4. Print marketing imagePaid Marketing – Still one of the oldest and best ways to generate leads, regardless of your business, industry or size. If you utilise paid mediums properly you don’t need anything from the above. This is clearly seen in the PPC adwords network in Google making close to 100 million in earnings a day… Not bad for something you have to pay people to click your website for! There are loads of different ways to utilise this paid marketing medium but stick with ones you understand from relevant sources!
  5. TV Advertising – Although this might not be in the budget so some companies reading this article, you’d be surprised how cheap you can actually get TV Ad spots now for. We have all seen those annoying personal injury adverts, that seem like no-one would call to claim! But they do and hence people will continue to run these ads.

I hope you learnt some good legal marketing advice today. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.



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