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Double SalesI know that this title is a bit click-bait like. I also know that I made this sound easy and cheap or quick to implement, but if you stay with me through this method I’m going to talk about a client we had that made us $10,000 and who went on to make $30,000 a month in additional sales. It only cost us $2000 in implement and about 3 hours work (but if you don’t have $2k then you can do it yourself in about 50 hours.)

The technique itself involves listing products on Amazon and ranking them in their search engine. Tons of people now go straight to Amazon when they are looking for a product to buy. If you have a great product but it isn’t on Amazon then guess what? – You don’t make any sales. More than that but people will be inferior products just because of the channel they are shopping on! It’s unfair but it kind of makes sense as Amazon is such a trusted online store!

AmazonThe method Itself

The method itself is very simple. All we are going to do is set-up an Amazon business. There was a full post on how to do this here by the Amazon seo expert but if you don’t have time to read an 8,000 word guide I will outline the main points below. I link these sources as this is how I learnt the process and this is also where the $2k went to optimise and rank the product listing (best money ever spent in my opinion!)

Step 1 – Pick a product, get it created.

This is obvious but you need a product to market through Amazon. Chances are you will already have this in place, but if you don’t you need to do this first.

Step 2 – Sign Ups, List and Ship.

Essentially what you want to do here is sign up for an Amazon merchant (seller) account. This lets you list products on Amazon and decide how you are going to sell them. Next you need to list the product itself, remember to use keywords in your listing. And finally if you are utilising the FBA network then you need to send your stock to Amazon in the form of a shipment. This is all relatively easy to do but if you are new or not very tech savvy then you can contact their support which is great.

Step 3 – Ranking your product & Reviews.

Ranking high in Amazon is like ranking in Google. Everyone clicks one of the first few results which means if you are on page 2/3+ no one is ever going to see, let alone buy your product. This happens all the time with businesses and products on Google. And its still the case with Amazon.

To rank the product itself you have to generate a lot of initial sales and reviews. This takes time and you will have to get creative, for example sending individuals directly to your Amazon product page to check-out is a good way to start. But once you have these initial sales and 5-10 good reviews then you can start the Amazon PPC campaign. Which, in a nut-shell is the easiest way to make sales period!

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