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Let’s be honest that we all know we should be branding. As you all know I used to work for the branding division and I still forget to do some of the basics sometimes and I think I’m in a relatively interesting industry (marketing) but some people that are in businesses that might actually put you to sleep if they talk about them, those are the people that this article is for! Don’t be this guy:

Bad branding

No one saw this in production?

Brand your business properly.

We spoke to Tom from Garage-shelving and talked about what they do to try and brand their business better than the companies that have advertising and money behind them. His answer was actually pretty simple. We try to let our products do the talking, if you order from us and everything goes smoothly, we know you will come back to us. We brand our packaging and products but not to a level that annoys the end consumer. All our racking and shelving comes with guides on how to install and we have video guides too, this means if you are really struggling you just go to the site and type in the item you have, and boom there is a video guide ready to help you!

3 keys to remember:

1.) Be creative – No one remembers where they brought the first padlock from. But if you made your padlock bright pink or orange, then maybe they would. This makes sense and can be used in industries from garage storage to stacking shelves!

2.) Have a USP – A unique selling point or USP is something all businesses should have regardless of type, price, size or even branding! But your USP should not only be great for the end user or customer but it also needs to be something that people associate with your business. For example take an author of an advertising book. His USP is that he’s extremely knowledge about advertising, this means he can then go ahead and sell to you with your knowledge. Would you rather go to an advertising agency where the CEO is a best selling author in the industry or one where they look cool?

3.) Be Personal – There is nothing worse than not knowing who you are doing business with. When I first got started in marketing I made it a point to call every one of my clients at least once a month, just to ask how everything is going and to see if they need anything. This goes a lot further to the client than just asking if anything is wrong, it shows you care!

It’s also important to remember that branding is the end all of business. Thousands of businesses have made millions with relatively poor branding. Non-memorable campaigns but the product or service is so good that you remember them.

But it becomes so much easier if consumers associate your brand with quality and remember you once they purchase.

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