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3 Keys to Successful Tech Businesses

Technology businessesOver the past 5 years there has been 1 very clear trend in business, and that’s = Tech businesses are becoming hugely popular and successful! Not just for the owners of the business, but also the venture capital firms that invest in these start-ups. The funny thing is that the Tech industry is still so open, there are so many examples and ideas on the market that can literally be brought for a few thousand dollars. These are the next Uber or Airbnb, but instead these are just sitting at the same investment level. Below are the 3 reasons I think tech businesses are becoming more and more successful and why we are on the eve of a huge technology explosion, that will result in a lot of money for a lot of people.

Funding1.) Raise Funding as early as possible

The tech market is booming, its not quite the .com bubble level but its growing by the month and its hugely profitable for the venture capital firms, especially the ones down in San Fran!

VC’s are particularly interested in the tech industry and advancements which can be controlled through mobile devices, before you would need a degree just to work a computer, these days you can do everything almost naturally. The same will be the case with hugely advanced tech. For example, the old drones that were produced used to need thousands of hours of practice to use. The smaller drones and quad copters on the market nowadays only need a few hours and then you are ready to get started! It’s crazy but its true!

Wheel2.) Don’t Re-invent the Wheel, just re-invent the way it works or is interpreted.

My next piece of advice is something I see people trying to do all the time. They are trying to reinvent the wheel. Please stop. All you need to do is improve something above the next most valuable metric. For example, did Uber or Airbnb think they were better than every hotel or taxi service? Of course not! They simply made it easier for people to use the services, and in many cases cheaper for these same individuals, which led to hugely profitable results for the tech giants. But also the individuals associated with the companies, for example the people listing their house on the sites or the individual driving tourists around, it benefits everyone, which leads me to my final point nicely.

Helping People3.) Help External Sources / People

For example if you build a business with the sole goal to make money, sure you might make some money but it is likely you won’t change the world and you won’t build these hugely profitable billion dollar businesses. Instead you have to have a larger goal, something that people will flock to and think wow this is really cool, or has an overwhelming help to society.

3 Examples of this that I have seen in the last year – 1.) A motorbike helmet that makes people safer through using rear view cameras, sensors and other gadgets. 2.) Drones that help transport medication to 3rd world countries suffering from wars or in extremely dangerous locations. 3.) Solar Panels – I know these are not anything new but it is only recently that solar has exploded, this helps the planet, individuals and everyone in the solar loop! But anything that helps individuals and the environment in the process is a +1 from me and a +1 for business generally.

How to Market in an Extremely Spam Filled Industry!

Hi guys,

No SpamToday we’re going to look at a few tips you can use to market your business in an extremely spam filled industry. The reason why an industry becomes filled with spam is not because it is a bad industry but because it is highly profitable! The industry we are going to look at today is E liquids. The reason for the article is due to a company (www.snakevape.co.uk) came to me looking to do some online and offline marketing for them. After initially being worried I decided to work with them, but warned how competitive this relatively young industry was.

So I decided to write a quick article on how to market tough or spam filled industries.

3 Keys to Successful Marketing in these industries

1.) Clear Visuals & Sales Funnels

The issue with quite a lot of these companies is they are what are known as “pop up profiters” this means individuals will set up a basic website, buy some low quality stock and aim to sell out as quickly as profitable, using unethical and sometimes illegal marketing techniques, just to make a quick buck in a highly lucrative market.

Your goal as a business owner is to do the exact opposite, you want to position yourself or your brand as the expert in the field or the company that will be around forever! Repeat customers are the most profitable to your business and hence these are the ones you want to concentrate your marketing on, but before you get started you have to have a clear idea of your sales funnel and the aim for the business itself, without that you may as well forget any marketing you do.

2.) Referrals & Repeat Customers

The 2 greatest methods to marketing a competitive industry is to get other people to do it for you. The best way to do this is to have your pre-existing customers do it for you. Note you can also use an affiliate network but it gets slightly more complicated when you invest in creating one of those. So for now we will stick with referrals. Offer an individual a 20-30% profit when they refer someone, so you are essentially saying they will make 20% on whatever the person orders! Free leads so you can take the slight hit on the profit margin as it is only the first sale value too.

The other aspect we want to look at is repeat customers, as mentioned in point 1, we want to get customers for life not just one time purchases. The best way to do this is reward programmes. Offer X number of points which can be converted to products. This is the easiest way to motivate an individual to sign up and commit to your company over a competitor as they feel they will get prizes or at least discounts in the future!

3.) High end Paid Marketing

I say high end as you don’t want to look like every other TDH when it comes to these industries. Step one is you want to find where your target audience hangs out and go directly to them with an offer they can’t refuse, usually money but it can also be a revenue share % too.

But the next thing is important, you want to set up retargeting for anyone who visits your website. This will help conversions drastically and instead of only 2-5% of your market buying, you will be likely to get nearer 8-15% who come back and finish the checkout process!

7 Lead Generation Tips for Competitive but Sleek Businesses

Ferrari SpiderSo I’m writing this post in relation to someone from http://supercarhire.co.uk/ who stated they cannot generate leads for their business because their market is far too narrow. Sure, target audience for supercars is relatively small. I mean you have to have people who are interested in supercars AND the ones that have enough money to afford to rent one for a day or a week. But never the less there are still multiple lead generation strategies you can use and will be successful!

7 Lead Generation Techniques for Sleek Businesses

  1. National SEO campaigns – Ranking for the relevant keywords in Google is probably one of the best long term strategy to generating leads on a consistent basis. It takes a long time to rank in Google, or it might also cost you a lot of money if you hire an seo agency, BUT the results achieved should be 1000% times what you pay and hence SEO is one of the most cost effective ROI marketing strategies.
  2. PPC campaigns – Again one of the easiest ways to generate leads, but quite expensive when you are in high competition niches such as the supercar hire ones. The easiest way to do this is to get a PPC expert to set up a profitable campaign for you. Chances are this will result in a ROI of 300%+ which means once you’ve given them their cut, you can make some extremely good profits! PPC also helps you get instant or very quick leads, from day 1!
  3. Direct Mail – Purchase leads from a database that has individuals who earn over £100,000 a year. This allows you to break down the first barrier for sleek businesses which is the individual doesn’t have enough money to pay for this. Next you want to create a PERSONALISED mail that has people itching it get into a car. Then its just a follow up game! Follow up all the leads personally and get them on the phone. Close the deal!
  4. Quora – Quora is great for marketing, when its done right. If you see any posts related to supercar hire or even just luxury car rentals, jump in and answer the question with a link to your site. Also state a discount code, don’t make the service sound cheap but you need to make them take action and not “maybe later” response.
  5. Phone – Get on the phone. Again this usually requires hours of data mining or at least purchasing some good leads from a lead gen company. But once you have them, make sure you call them and make an offer they cannot resist. Remember this people do have the money for it so if they don’t get a rental its because your salesmanship isn’t good enough!
  6. Affiliate Programme – Create an affiliate program so others can promote the business for you. This is a great strategy if you don’t have a lot of funds to invest into marketing. You can offer the affiliate anywhere from 5-50%, although I’d recommend around 10%. This sparks smart marketers to actually promote your business for you!
  7. Social Media – Utilising social media hastags and questions. For example if someone makes a statement about the cost of supercars, you can come in and say its only 0.5% of that to rent a supercar for 2 days. Chances are they will engage with you, even though you will likely not make the sale, if you do this a few times a day, you should be able to net 1-2 sales a week!

Why Losing Money On Branding is So Important

Yes you did read that right.

Spend money to make moneyEver heard the saying “you have to spend money to make money”. I believe this statement to be 1 million percent true. When it comes to business you have to be willing to go one step further. You have to be willing to lose money to make money. Losing money through smart long-term marketing is better than making a quick few thousands with a smart slogan that your product doesn’t live up to. We see this so much nowadays but with the internet connecting everyone so fast, if you have a poor product you will receive negative reviews and you won’t sell anything…. Seriously you just won’t.

Instead you should be willing to lose money to make money. For example an old client of mine used to sell fitness logo t shirts these were very plain but they sold them for a cheap price and the product was good! Why in the heck would sell a product at a loss! They were selling these at a loss! Seriously I didn’t know at the time so I had to ask why and the response was something that has stayed with me, well the concept has anyway. 

The Compound Effect.

I’m paraphrasing here but it was along the lines of: “If I can make a £2 loss selling 1 t shirt, this means I have a happy customer let’s say… Now this customer is pretty much an employee, I’ve only paid them £2 but that’s the cheapest employee I’m ever going to have, so if they are happy with the product they are going to wear it, and guess what? It promotes our brand, which means the more they wear it the more people see it! If 1000 people see it and only 1 person decides to search the brand and visit the site then that’s fine, I got a new visitor which I’m happy with! Now multiple this by 5-10 a day and we have lost maybe £10-£20 but our brand is out there and growing, more people see it and the brand image is improving by the day. It’s the viral illusion.

So I lose £30,000 in my first year of business? Selling 15,000 t shirts. Now guess what, I raise the price slightly and I order a higher quantity which reduces MY COSTS. This means I can raise the price by £2 but I’m now making £1 profit per shirt…. The brand image continues to grow and I make £15,000 profit this year, remember that conversions would decrease but we have more people wearing them by the day and this leads to more people through the site anyway.

But 100% the kicker to this technique is the cross-over. If I sold 30,000 t-shirts in 2 years, I would have 30,000 people on my email list that I can contact when we release our next product, let’s say its another fitness related product such as a hoody, we release it in September when it just starts getting cold and its well designed, the quality is there and we can offer it “for sale” but at a price we can still make a £5 profit per unit…. Guess what happens now?

We send an email to these 30,000 people. If we get a 10% conversion rate and a 5% CTR that’s 1,500 “viewing” the item. Even if only 10% of people decide to purchase the item that’s 150 sales in a matter of days = £750 in profit (from a sale item.) The branding effect currently now we have another 150 brand ambassadors, more people see the brand and purchase a t-shirt… Now the ball is rolling. Year 3 we make a small profit of £5,000 but have 45,000 people on the email list.

Year 4 begins and we dive further into marketing and advertising the brand, we slowly build the lists further and keep our £2 profit per tee and £5 profit per hoody.. It’s getting big now, the list is growing and we sell some awesome stuff, building the range up and engaging with the audience through social media and email marketing. At the end of year 4 we’ve got 80,000 people on the list but we didn’t make much profit, only £25,000 as a lot was re-invested into stock and marketing.

Year 5 is what I like to call the pivot, this is when you become a hugely profitable business. Let’s say we launch a tracksuit bottoms range, it costs us £10 to produce a unit but we are going to sell it for £20 with a “limited stock levels” offer to drive sales in the early days. As we now have a loyal following we can send this offer to all 80,000 people on our email list. At a 10% conversion rate and a 10% sales rate that means = 800 x £10 profit per unit. We just made £8,000 pure profit in a few days. If you relate this back to the very start, if we raised our prices to where they should be (market price) we would have had no sales at the start as no one knows the brand!) Instead in year 5 we have a half a million pound business with only 4-5 products.

Year 5 should continue on this route, you can also utilise your audience now, emailing offers, creating new products ect. Getting a 1% sale rate from your email list shouldn’t be difficult if its built on previous sales. By the end of year 5 you have a 100,000 email list which converts at 1% for similar products. You launch 1 new product every 2 months and you make £500,000 in pure profit this year.

Live in the compound effect. Money lost now is 10X in a few years time.

Branding a “Sexy” and a “Boring” Business

Ferrari SpiderIn 2014 I partnered with a couple of investors to launch a supercar rental business. This is currently doing well with another party and you can find out more about them here and here.

Although I really enjoyed being able to drive around in Ferrari’s, we seriously made a mistake with our branding. We were targeting the corporate CEOs that wanted these cars as a weekend vacation option. This was not the way to go as it turned out. The actual way was supercar enthusiasts if you are wondering. But anyway, we realised we had made things way to complicated so I got the help of a few experts in corporate branding from the branding division. These guys know everything about building a brand and knew how to solve my issues (eventually.)

The problem they summed it up as, was the following. I’d been building businesses in boring industries, so I had been focusing on the benefits and value that my product or service would give, and although that’s great, that isn’t why people want supercars! They want to feel and experience it, not understand why X supercar is better than Y supercar… This is a hugely important issue that I think many people miss.

There is no point positioning your business in an area where your prospect aren’t, you wouldn’t do this with traditional marketing so why do you do this with your branding campaigns. Brand your business to your potential customers but know what they actually want first, is it benefits and value or is it the thrill of a fast car?!

Rant over….For now.

Prospecting and Marketing on a Budget

How can you generate sales when you don’t have a lot of money to invest into marketing or advertising? This is a common problem for start-ups but also a pretty common problem for anyone who can’t source funding, which in our post-recession economy is quite a few of us. Personally below is the strategy I used to generate 5 clients for my digital marketing agency, although 5 clients in 6 months doesn’t sound like a lot, these are what I’d call IDEAL prospects, not the type of people that will quit after 2 months. Combine they have brought us over £6,000 in revenue so far and its only an average of 4 months into the campaigns across the 5 clients.

Step 1: Create Your Enticement.

I call it an enticement but you can call it whatever you want. I tend to shy away from using the word offer as that then relates that you are lowering your perceived value of the product or service. Anyway in my case I was offering free actionable advice, in most cases this was a quick basic audit which took me about 10 minutes to complete but to the individual it was invaluable. I also didn’t just pitch or pick and choose the information in this document. I gave away the farm. People are usually too lazy to do it for themselves so I wouldn’t worry about telling them how to fix something!

Step 2: Find A Place Where Your Prospects Hang Out.

In our example this involved me going to a popular UK small business forum, but not one that was flooded with people looking to get work. If you are going to a overcrowded area you aren’t going to get noticed. As I was looking to connect with businesses, mainly local ones this was the perfect place, but if you are not the online business type, then you can do this physically as well, you just need to know where your potential prospects will be. For example if you are in the fitness industry you’d probably be looking in gyms, create a list of gyms that might be interested in what you are offering.

Step 3: Build a Connection.

This is probably the most important step. If you are just looking to pitch your business constantly people will get bored and defensive very quickly and just turn off to whatever you are trying to promote. If you instead start by building a connection with an individual, talking to them about what they are struggling with and then explaining how things actually work, again don’t pitch. Just give away the farm!

Step 4: Create an unrefusable offer.

The hardest dollar to make is the first, this is the same for all potential clients. I don’t recommend ever offering something 100% free but you can offer a subscription for £10 in the first month and you provide extreme value in that time then you will have a much higher conversion rate as opposed to the “Pay me £500 now” and you will rank.

I hope you enjoyed the post and took something from it as well, remember to go and take action now!!

Website Design 101 – DIY or Outsource?

In 2016 there is a different feel to business. It’s less about what you do now and more about what you look like. It’s strange that the circle of business has almost come 360 degrees but the truth is if you don’t look good, in terms of social media and your website. You have almost 0% chance of convincing anyone to do business with you!

Although worrying its not a complicated measure to resolve. First you need to make a decision if you are going to be a DIY business owner or are you going to hire a company and outsource the work.

There are pros and cons to both.

Do It Yourself


  1. You get to do everything yourself so can repeat the process in the future.
  2. You know exactly when it will be complete and how much it costs.
  3. You do not have to give away any unnecessary data, information or funds.


  1. This takes a lot of your valuable time.
  2. If you are inexperienced it could take you a lot of time to learn the processes
  3. You might be inefficient in these tasks!

If you decide to DIY then check out the article here which talks about the simple website design tips to remember when you start the building process of your business. The infographic is also outlined below.

Top 16 design tips for business owners

Top 16 design tips for business owners

The outsourcing method as you would expect has the exact opposite effect. You are paying someone to do the task for you, but you get your time back as a result. Personally I think this is the way all business owners should go. Your time is worth more than anything, not just in business but in life too! MAKE THE MOST OF IT!

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to share and comment.

Leaflet & Flyer Marketing Techniques

Print marketing imageBeing in the marketing world can be challenging. Effort is essential and you should have a lot of techniques at keep to make a sale. Sales person could be a rewarding job if you can do it better. There are more ways on how you will be able to keep your clients on guard.  Giving out flyers and leaflets is one of the techniques use by sales person to give their client something they could read on in case there are interesting point they need to review at home such as prices and some promo inclusions which is detailed written on the leaflets.

There are different marketing techniques that focus on leaflets and flyers used by sales person. Some companies make it a point that they put it in a series in case the first technique will not be effective in the demographic location, they can immediately venture on the second one. Your brochure should mandate to your audience about what you want them to do. The leaflets you have given to your audience should motivate them to respond on their specific desire which only you and your company can provide. Since there are several types of brochures you can see in the market, every one of them has different ways of attracting people. Leaflets are effective when you are selling only one item and if it happens that you are selling different kinds of items which are under one company, you should have put them together and compile them into a brochure.

Leaflet Print Motivating your audience with the use of your flyers needs to undergo process. Attracting attention of your audience is very important. If you will look into the emotion of your client, you will know how to lead it to your offer. You just have to guide them and show them the benefits that they can gain out of purchasing your offer or services. Putting your contact numbers and websites in your flyers is the most important thing you should not forget. This is their way of responding to you. If they have not seen these details on your flyers, everything could all be wasted. When you have motivated your clients, it will make them take an immediate action to act on your offer.  You should specify deadline if you have an offer which is bound to due.

You can also mix direct marketing with online marketing, utilising a company such as: http://seosurrey.biz/ and helping them combine your direct marketing efforts with your PPC and SEO.

The leaflet you prepare should have the great list of offer that makes your client interested in what you are offering to them. We know how excellent it is to know that we can get responses coming from several people who received the flyers. Motivating your client is very essential even if this will be done in a piece of readable material. It should have a different attack that effectively affects the views and opinions of your clients. Use ROI calculations to show your client exactly how profitable a particular leaflet campaign will be. Directing them to what you offer, it should be presented as it is one of their needs and it will make their lives easier or make a sense to them.

Marketing advice for UK Law Firms

not the way to market a lawyerThe picture to your right is what most people envision when you say you are a lawyer or work for a law firm in the UK. A bunch of old guys in wigs with about as much enthusiasm as a plank of wood.

The reality is, the UK has one of the tightest legal systems in the world. You can see this in action every day at any court in the UK!

Last week we shadowed a lawyer in Salisbury (Wiltshire) to ask them what they thought of the legal system and the image of legal services in the UK, and as we thought they agreed with us, too much is done by too few, too old!


How To Brand a Boring Industry

Let’s be honest that we all know we should be branding. As you all know I used to work for the branding division and I still forget to do some of the basics sometimes and I think I’m in a relatively interesting industry (marketing) but some people that are in businesses that might actually put you to sleep if they talk about them, those are the people that this article is for! Don’t be this guy:

Bad branding

No one saw this in production?

Brand your business properly.

We spoke to Tom from Garage-shelving and talked about what they do to try and brand their business better than the companies that have advertising and money behind them. His answer was actually pretty simple. We try to let our products do the talking, if you order from us and everything goes smoothly, we know you will come back to us. We brand our packaging and products but not to a level that annoys the end consumer. All our racking and shelving comes with guides on how to install and we have video guides too, this means if you are really struggling you just go to the site and type in the item you have, and boom there is a video guide ready to help you!

3 keys to remember:

1.) Be creative – No one remembers where they brought the first padlock from. But if you made your padlock bright pink or orange, then maybe they would. This makes sense and can be used in industries from garage storage to stacking shelves!

2.) Have a USP – A unique selling point or USP is something all businesses should have regardless of type, price, size or even branding! But your USP should not only be great for the end user or customer but it also needs to be something that people associate with your business. For example take an author of an advertising book. His USP is that he’s extremely knowledge about advertising, this means he can then go ahead and sell to you with your knowledge. Would you rather go to an advertising agency where the CEO is a best selling author in the industry or one where they look cool?

3.) Be Personal – There is nothing worse than not knowing who you are doing business with. When I first got started in marketing I made it a point to call every one of my clients at least once a month, just to ask how everything is going and to see if they need anything. This goes a lot further to the client than just asking if anything is wrong, it shows you care!

It’s also important to remember that branding is the end all of business. Thousands of businesses have made millions with relatively poor branding. Non-memorable campaigns but the product or service is so good that you remember them.

But it becomes so much easier if consumers associate your brand with quality and remember you once they purchase.

Thanks for reading, remember to share, tweet, like and all that stuff.