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Ferrari SpiderIn 2014 I partnered with a couple of investors to launch a supercar rental business. This is currently doing well with another party and you can find out more about them here and here.

Although I really enjoyed being able to drive around in Ferrari’s, we seriously made a mistake with our branding. We were targeting the corporate CEOs that wanted these cars as a weekend vacation option. This was not the way to go as it turned out. The actual way was supercar enthusiasts if you are wondering. But anyway, we realised we had made things way to complicated so I got the help of a few experts in corporate branding from the branding division. These guys know everything about building a brand and knew how to solve my issues (eventually.)

The problem they summed it up as, was the following. I’d been building businesses in boring industries, so I had been focusing on the benefits and value that my product or service would give, and although that’s great, that isn’t why people want supercars! They want to feel and experience it, not understand why X supercar is better than Y supercar… This is a hugely important issue that I think many people miss.

There is no point positioning your business in an area where your prospect aren’t, you wouldn’t do this with traditional marketing so why do you do this with your branding campaigns. Brand your business to your potential customers but know what they actually want first, is it benefits and value or is it the thrill of a fast car?!

Rant over….For now.

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