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Ferrari SpiderSo I’m writing this post in relation to someone from http://supercarhire.co.uk/ who stated they cannot generate leads for their business because their market is far too narrow. Sure, target audience for supercars is relatively small. I mean you have to have people who are interested in supercars AND the ones that have enough money to afford to rent one for a day or a week. But never the less there are still multiple lead generation strategies you can use and will be successful!

7 Lead Generation Techniques for Sleek Businesses

  1. National SEO campaigns – Ranking for the relevant keywords in Google is probably one of the best long term strategy to generating leads on a consistent basis. It takes a long time to rank in Google, or it might also cost you a lot of money if you hire an seo agency, BUT the results achieved should be 1000% times what you pay and hence SEO is one of the most cost effective ROI marketing strategies.
  2. PPC campaigns – Again one of the easiest ways to generate leads, but quite expensive when you are in high competition niches such as the supercar hire ones. The easiest way to do this is to get a PPC expert to set up a profitable campaign for you. Chances are this will result in a ROI of 300%+ which means once you’ve given them their cut, you can make some extremely good profits! PPC also helps you get instant or very quick leads, from day 1!
  3. Direct Mail – Purchase leads from a database that has individuals who earn over £100,000 a year. This allows you to break down the first barrier for sleek businesses which is the individual doesn’t have enough money to pay for this. Next you want to create a PERSONALISED mail that has people itching it get into a car. Then its just a follow up game! Follow up all the leads personally and get them on the phone. Close the deal!
  4. Quora – Quora is great for marketing, when its done right. If you see any posts related to supercar hire or even just luxury car rentals, jump in and answer the question with a link to your site. Also state a discount code, don’t make the service sound cheap but you need to make them take action and not “maybe later” response.
  5. Phone – Get on the phone. Again this usually requires hours of data mining or at least purchasing some good leads from a lead gen company. But once you have them, make sure you call them and make an offer they cannot resist. Remember this people do have the money for it so if they don’t get a rental its because your salesmanship isn’t good enough!
  6. Affiliate Programme – Create an affiliate program so others can promote the business for you. This is a great strategy if you don’t have a lot of funds to invest into marketing. You can offer the affiliate anywhere from 5-50%, although I’d recommend around 10%. This sparks smart marketers to actually promote your business for you!
  7. Social Media – Utilising social media hastags and questions. For example if someone makes a statement about the cost of supercars, you can come in and say its only 0.5% of that to rent a supercar for 2 days. Chances are they will engage with you, even though you will likely not make the sale, if you do this a few times a day, you should be able to net 1-2 sales a week!

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