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Tech SphereLast week I did a post on the 3 reasons I believe the tech industry is booming and is about to explode beyond all measure. This is down to now close to every individual on earth having a mobile phone, if you can promote to a worldwide audience, the profits are just there to be made! I estimate the next industry to be disrupted (in the way that Airbnb has disrupted the hotel industry and in the same way that Uber has disrupted the travel/taxi industry) is EDUCATION. I could write a 10,000 word article on why I believe this to be the case but for now we will just leave it with – The oldest industries tend to be the ones that get disrupted and education is suffering at the moment!

My second guess would be agriculture, with the introduction of advanced farming and automated chemical technologies, it is just a matter of time until businesses get themselves onto the agricultural map through smart technological advances…. But that is not the purpose for this article so I will get on with it!

My Top 5 Sources of Technology News 2016

  1. Cnet Tech – Cet is an internet based tech supplier of great and more importantly up to date news. They have new stories any time of the day when it makes the most sense and relevance to post them! They don’t promote rubbish channels or clearly promoted content either.
  2. The Verve – More talking about the consumer element of tech news, including the most up to date revolutionary products that are already, or at least very close to going to market. I don’t feel they have the same reach as the others on the list but still a great and no BS tech blog.
  3. Tech Crunch – Probably the number 1 leader in tech news nowadays, and one of the biggest tech blogs ever! Tech crunch is great for everyone, their articles are concise and well written and you don’t need to be a techy to understand most of the content either, which is always a plus. This should be the first on your list for news.
  4. WIRED – Another giant in the tech niche, wired magazine is my go to place for tech related to business advancements. They make a great connect between technology that is cool vs technology that genuinely can help the community. They also have high quality business, design, transport, science and security sections if anyone is interested in those topics too.
  5. Telegraph – A newspaper first, this is perfect for individuals who want to see the biggest technology stories without having to look through the other smaller or less significant stuff. I read the telegraph on a daily basis including a quick flick through these sections to see if I have missed any important tech news!

There is also a pretty good Youtube channel for tech news, one of there videos is below.

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