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6 Reliable Tips That You Should Know For E-Commerce Optimization

Ecommerce SEO SDo you have any idea of what are the reliable tips that you can use to help you in the on-page optimization of your e-commerce site? If you have none, you can read the list below that shows what these reliable tips are.

Here is the list of the reliable tips that you need to know for the on-page optimization of your e-commerce.

  1. Look for the Best Keyword

Coming first in the list is that you have to research and look for the best and ideal keyword that you can use for your e-commerce site as well as for the products in it. You should know that this is a very important thing to consider because keyword plays a crucial part in your e-commerce site which is responsible for allowing the people find your site and products. And by using the best keyword, you can be assured that your site will be on the top of the list in the search results.

  1. Make Your Website Easy To Navigate

Second is that you have to make sure that the navigation of your e-commerce site is easy and effortless to deal with. You should carefully organize items and properly categorized topics so that the people who visit your site won’t have a hard time navigating on it. It is also advisable for you to make use of the Breadcrumbs techniques so that it will be fast and easy to find the site’s content.

  1. Make All Your Descriptions Unique

Another amazing tip that you can use to your e-commerce site is that you should create descriptions for your products and categories and make each of these things unique. You have to know that the ideal length of description that you will be writing should range from a minimum of 200 words up to the maximum of 300 words. This is something we did for an ecommerce client with each individual product. Take their funky star wars bottle opener as an example! In this way, the search engines and the people who would visit your site can easily locate each of these products and categories. It is also very important that all of your descriptions should be unique so that it will grab the attention of the people.

  1. Create a Product Page That Has All the Features

You should also know that in an e-commerce site, there is nothing important than its product pages since that this is the page where all your products are displayed for the people. With this, it is very important that you should create a product page that has all the essential features so that it will be able to meet the required standards and needs of the people who would visit your e-commerce site. By doing this, you can be assured that your site’s product page would be set apart from the others.

  1. Consider Interlinking Each Pages

As you should know that if you consider interlinking each page of your e-commerce site with one another, it can help you to elevate the ranking of your site’s keyword. In addition to that, it also enables you to spread the link equity which helps the Google to locate and visit your page easily, as well as reducing the bounce rate of your e-commerce site.

  1. Monitor and Remove the Broken Links

And lastly, it is very advisable that you monitor all the possible broken links in your e-commerce site and quickly eliminates it so that it cannot affect the ranking you have in the search engines. You can make use of the tools that are readily available for you to help you in doing this.

To know more about this topic, you can also ask for the help of a person who is familiar and knowledgeable on this matter.

7 Marketing tips for a scaffolding hire company

ConstWhen it comes to constructions, it is important to have the best scaffolding equipment on site. Scaffolding is a structure that is temporarily set-up to provide support to people during building constructions. The structure provides support to building crew and the materials they use for the construction of buildings, bridges, walls, and other man-made structures. It is also used for building repair works, maintenance and cleaning. Using scaffolding as a temporary structure, people can reach the heights of tall buildings and structures to perform needed construction tasks, repair and cleaning.

Scaffolding for hire is a business of providing scaffolding materials to construction companies making it convenient and easy for them to construct and build structures. Most construction companies hire scaffolding companies for their scaffolding needs to avoid hassle and irrelevant costs. Scaffolding hire companies have a tight and strong competition in the market and sometimes find it hard to market their business to prospective clients. Here are 7 marketing tips for a scaffolding hire company to consider in order to attract business in the construction market.

Scaffolding construction Works on London building

  1. Set-up a Website and Penetrate the Internet

Setting-up a business website can help clients gain more information about the quality scaffolding materials offered by the business.

  1. Advertise through Social Media

Social media is very popular in today’s modern time and reaching out to potential clients using this medium is highly effective as mostly everyone is on social media these days.

  1. Make Use of Offline Advertising

Handing out flyers, posters and leaflets about the scaffolding business is also an effective way to reach out and advertise to potential clients.

  1. Advertise in Local Events

Events are a good opportunity for scaffolding businesses to network and reach out to potential clients. Events are good places to connect with other businesses and create networks to reach out to potential clients.

  1. Advertise through Radio or TV

Advertising through radio or TV is an effective way to reach out and attract potential clients. People listen to the radio and watch TV all the time so advertising through commercials can help attract clients.

  1. Offer Promos and Special Discounts

Promos and special discounts is one way to attract potential clients. People are most likely to buy or get a service when special promos and discounts are offered; this also applies to scaffolding businesses.

  1. Provide Quality Customer Service

It is important to provide quality customer service as this will give the business a good reputation that will surely attract new clients by way of recommendation and good positive feedback.

These are just a few tips that we’ve used to help scaffolding hire companies all over the world and more recently a local client called 4 Access based in Cardiff, UK. You can follow to advertise and attract clients. It is also important to provide quality and reliable scaffolding materials and services in order to build clients relationship and trust. Aside from offering quality and reliable services, safety should also be a main priority for scaffolding companies. Following these 7 marketing tips for scaffolding Hire Company can be helpful to improve the business and enhance the company’s marketability.

Why Simple Logo Design Rules The Day

SimpleUpdated: September 2017: Why is it that logos cost $10,000 if you go to a professional agency? But if you go to then they cost around $25…. That’s a ridiculous difference for a product that is so simple it shouldn’t be that expensive. And honestly they aren’t that different. I even looked into testing this. We looked at companies that were not well known (not the Nike and Mcdonalds of the world essentially) but still spent $10,000+ on a logo VS companies that had paid less than $100 through Fiverr or a freelancer. The results? People couldn’t tell the difference… Great $9,900 investment difference!

The 2 issues of course are peace of mind (big companies like paying agencies a lot of money so they have peace of mind about a specific task) and the second is of course image. If you have a huge agency in New York, your overheads are going to be incredibly high. As a result your prices will reflect this. If you are a freelancer working with individual clients, chances are you are going to charge a lot less. It’s just basic business.

But today I wanted to talk about a logo we did (image below) for Lamborghini Hire UK that cost the client £50 and took us about 30 minutes to create. Now if you are a designer you are going to HATE this but if you aren’t and can listen to the story then you might actually like it.

Lambo Hire Logo

So the specs were “it needs to fit into our site. As you can see the site is very simply just a wordpress website. Meaning the logo had to fit in the top left as you would expect and also make sense with the Gold/Yellow/Black colour scheme of the overall site. Easy enough right? “Oh and they didn’t want to pay more than £20 as I can get it on fiverr for that” – That’s a statement I bet a few graphic designers have lost sleep over in the past few years.

K9 Mobile SecurityAnyway despite the insult we took on the client for an easy £50 and gave them the most basic model stating that you don’t get brand recognition or research when you spend £50 on a logo. Companies in the US are charging $10,000+ for this and we are doing it for £50, you must understand the difference. Another example we have done is right.

Obviously they did and the result was a very SIMPLE logo but one the client actually liked. We implemented it into the site and now we have a happy client and a simple logo creation process that allows us to net £40 an hour when we are building logos. My point on this article is to not be scared of charging a small amount of money. Everyone in the business space especially the design world states they need to charge a lot as clients mess them around, and that’s true, we have of course had this issue.


Kids Shoes CardiffThe image/logo should be aligned with the values of the business. For example we built another logo that is not only really fun looking but is actually aligned with the business as the primary target is and will always be children.

If you manage client expectations stating for the money there will be no free revisions and only 1 concept. You can actually build a solid business on a very cheap product/service model. Just think about it the next time someone says they only have £100 to spend on a logo campaign.

Another example client is ecoflor, this is simply a business that fits flooring for people and businesses. Instead of trying to create something that would have looked tacky at first glance, we simply went with the 3 colour logo that talks shows the brand name.

Thanks for reading and remember to comment and share!


The Importance (And Expense) OF BRANDING

Branding TipsBranding is one of those things that I used to cringe at. Oh you paid £50k for a brand management campaign? And all you got was a fancy logo, some sounds, marketing material and a few ideas on how to promote the business? Seems like a good waste of money. But nowadays I understand branding a bit better. It’s not what you do its how people connect the dots. For example if you have ever seen the brand team at a huge corporate company you will know that its one of the most important elements to any business. The reason? It just makes sense. You need to create an image and this can be anything from salvage yards (more on that in a second) to huge corporate brands.

Warehouse701We had a client awhile back who came to us looking for a website build. The old site was pretty much what you would expect and the budget was pretty low too. Instead of just turning away these people we decided we would take them on and talk about how they are going to brand what they have. The site was based around architectural salvage for a client based in the UK. If you saw it though you would think it was a place where people dumped old and trendy furniture. NOT the ideal branding image that the company was going for.

So this is what we did.

3 Key Steps To Good Branding

1.) Select a large, broad picture of what the business/website should display. In our case we talked about reclaimed pieces of art or furniture. These pieces are in excellent condition and anyone who understands or knows about good quality furniture knows they are great value too! That’s stage 1.

2.) Stage 2 is to think about who your target audience are. Are they men or women? Are they younger or older audience? It doesn’t really matter but what is key is you decide who they are and you actually have data to back this up. In our case we looked at the past 1,000 sales of items on the lot, what were the characteristics of people who were purchasing this? Generally we found it was middle classed individuals who were around 30-60. So we know how to target them now.

3.) Target them – This is the tricky one as its something that isn’t just a “do this” answer. Finally of course you need to target your target audience (makes sense). To do this you will need to market to them. HOW you market to them is how you are going to make your profits. Poor marketing = NO profits. Good marketing = Crazy ROI figures. We knew that the people looking for these types of pieces weren’t going to look on social accounts or any type of gumtree style website, instead they were looking to search through Google. Hence SEO became our target focus. 3 months later we were more visible and (surprise) making more sales.

Automated Gym Business Case Study

Hi guys,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, its been a crazy late 2016, but as of 2017 I am going to get posting as much as possible and bring as much value as I possibly can. One of the reasons I was so busy was I had a JV with an individual based in London, where we were trying to create a semi-automated gym business. This is the breakdown of what we did and how we grew it to the break-even point in just 3 months (That’s pretty fast when you consider the costs, rents, rates in London and how long it usually takes for gyms to gain a following.)

Gym BusinessGym Business Case Study


As you probably already know, people like to join gyms in January to “get fit” – But this is not the clientele we were looking for. Although these people make it very easy to make a quick amount of money as a gym owner, they do not stick around and simply annoy the people really looking to train in the gym itself. As a result we wanted to brand our gym to intermediate lifters, these people generally don’t mind paying a bit more as long as the equipment is high quality and the gym is not too busy. So stage 1 was simply to make our gym branding to intermediate lifters.

power of brandingThis is not to say that we didn’t get anybody that wasn’t a beginner, we had loads of beginners come through the website or into the gym, and they were accepted in the gym too. The reason why they did, was how the branding was set-up. If you appeal to the highest quality athlete, you are also going to appear to the lower ones too, for example, they want to BECOME the individual that you are featuring and appealing too. As a result they come to the gym MORE MOTIVATED which is great for us and them.

The next stage once the branding and website was complete was to set-up the gym itself. We had the capital for all the equipment we needed and I’m not going to go in-depth into this, but I will say it was just under £100,000, which as you know is a lot of money. Luckily only about half of this was a business loan, the other half we both put up (my business partner and me.)

Setting Up & Security

Although the individual I worked with on this project only lived 10 minutes from the gym’s location near central London, he (and I agreed) this needed to be a semi-automated process. Meaning people needed to sign up online, or arrange to come in at specific times. Walk-ins could happen as there would be a PT on the gym floor from around 10-7 every day, but that was the only semi-paid member of staff. There is a lot of agreement that PTs can use the gym for training people for free and as a result they work a certain number of hours for your gym. I think it’s a win-win and we had loads of PTs that agreed too.

Access controlSetting up the gym with the equipment was easy, but the security side was a bit harder. We wanted to have a system that would allow the gym to stay SECURE whilst we weren’t there. We looked at a number of options but ended up on a specific gym access control system. This is the type of device that prevents just anyone from walking into the gym off the street. There are generic access control options too by the same company that we went with.

Once that was set-up we were ready to go! It was just the marketing left, the fun part! The budget we had for marketing wasn’t huge (it never is) but I think we used it very well judging by the number of people we had come into the gym in the 90 days it was first launched. But that is for part 2 of the post which will likely be in 2-3 weeks time. I hope you enjoyed this one and remember to share and comment if you have any questions or ideas.


Marketing Complicated

Stop Overcomplicating Marketing – FFS It’s Obvious (Not Easy)

Marketing ComplicatedNow that title is a mouthful but its been a strange week in the marketing consulting world. I want to share 2 stories I had. One shows exactly how well a specific company is doing. The other is how someone is over-complicating it greatly.

Too Much is Nothing.

The first individual I spoke to had the following issue (it’s so common it hurts.) They had essentially been looking to completely dominate the market. Having 100s of people coming in from different mediums and all converting nicely. Except that doesn’t work. The reason is that your effort and capital (and any other resources) is split so thinly across each individual marketing channel that you simply don’t get anything done! You try and you fail!

Ferrari SpiderOne Type is More Than Enough

The second (the one that’s doing well) is Adam who owns a luxury car rental agency in London. He’s a good friend as well as a consulting client. The first time he contacted me he was a bit unsure about which marketing route to go down. I advised him on the specific routes I recommended but stated he HAD TO CHOOSE only 1! This meant that all the efforts and energies of himself and his team would go into that marketing channel.

Now as you probably already can guess, supercars and luxury cars aren’t for the average person. This means that any sort of interruption marketing, that includes TV, Radio, Print, Online ads (to some extent) and much more was out of the window before we even began. Luckily I knew a few strategies for this type of business.

The first one is direct prospecting

Below is an info-graphic that talks about the basics of Business 2 business prospecting. And all you really need to know now is that he didn’t choose this but could have as it solves the main issue. Which was wasted marketing budget. If you prospect correctly, you will only be talking to people who MIGHT want what your offering. Not the people that definitely won’t!

Prospecting image from:

Prospecting image from:

But let’s say you don’t want to put the man-hours or time teaching your team to implement this prospecting method…. Not a problem. Nor did Adam so instead this is what we went with.

Option 2 – Paid Marketing

complicated-businessGuess what? It worked amazingly well.

1000%+ ROI within 3 months. All because instead of trying to set-up a paid marketing campaign at the same time as juggling 9 other marketing channels, he decided he would hire the best PPC expert he knew, and get them to implement everything, paying a very large up-front fee. He then hired a PPC person to come in-house and manage everything for all of his businesses (supercars and the side businesses.) And guess what? These tripled in profitability too. All because instead of trying to be complicated and do all types of marketing, he stuck to one that had worked well and invested heavily into this! That’s what you should be doing… Don’t believe me? Watch the below!

How to Double Your Sales With Only $2000 or 50 Hours

Double SalesI know that this title is a bit click-bait like. I also know that I made this sound easy and cheap or quick to implement, but if you stay with me through this method I’m going to talk about a client we had that made us $10,000 and who went on to make $30,000 a month in additional sales. It only cost us $2000 in implement and about 3 hours work (but if you don’t have $2k then you can do it yourself in about 50 hours.)

The technique itself involves listing products on Amazon and ranking them in their search engine. Tons of people now go straight to Amazon when they are looking for a product to buy. If you have a great product but it isn’t on Amazon then guess what? – You don’t make any sales. More than that but people will be inferior products just because of the channel they are shopping on! It’s unfair but it kind of makes sense as Amazon is such a trusted online store!

AmazonThe method Itself

The method itself is very simple. All we are going to do is set-up an Amazon business. There was a full post on how to do this here by the Amazon seo expert but if you don’t have time to read an 8,000 word guide I will outline the main points below. I link these sources as this is how I learnt the process and this is also where the $2k went to optimise and rank the product listing (best money ever spent in my opinion!)

Step 1 – Pick a product, get it created.

This is obvious but you need a product to market through Amazon. Chances are you will already have this in place, but if you don’t you need to do this first.

Step 2 – Sign Ups, List and Ship.

Essentially what you want to do here is sign up for an Amazon merchant (seller) account. This lets you list products on Amazon and decide how you are going to sell them. Next you need to list the product itself, remember to use keywords in your listing. And finally if you are utilising the FBA network then you need to send your stock to Amazon in the form of a shipment. This is all relatively easy to do but if you are new or not very tech savvy then you can contact their support which is great.

Step 3 – Ranking your product & Reviews.

Ranking high in Amazon is like ranking in Google. Everyone clicks one of the first few results which means if you are on page 2/3+ no one is ever going to see, let alone buy your product. This happens all the time with businesses and products on Google. And its still the case with Amazon.

To rank the product itself you have to generate a lot of initial sales and reviews. This takes time and you will have to get creative, for example sending individuals directly to your Amazon product page to check-out is a good way to start. But once you have these initial sales and 5-10 good reviews then you can start the Amazon PPC campaign. Which, in a nut-shell is the easiest way to make sales period!

Launch List

4 More Marketing Tips To Be A Successful Tech Startup

Last month I did an article on the Jack Boxers blog about 7 marketing tips for tech businesses. This was an article I didn’t really feel was perfect, but it was still pretty relavant so I didn’t want to remove it completely. Instead I thought I would add 4 more tips and have a more start-up orientated article to really get in-front of the people who need these tips the most (The ones just starting out.)

Most tech companies FAIL. And fail hard! I mean lose millions for investors, lose years of their lives that they can never get back. But if you truly have a product or service that can go all the way to the billion dollar mark, then starting off correctly is so important. Take the time to implement the processes from the very beginning and the knock on effect throughout the next 3 months to 30 years will be huge. In a positive way of course. Okay to the tips.

Launch ListTip 1 – Create a Launch List

Easy to say, harder to do. But investing money into creating buzz about your product is one of the most successful ways to launch a product. Nowadays even more so. With social media evolving the way it has, if you can reach one of the top hashtags, then guess what? You get in-front of millions of eyeballs worldwide! All for “free”. Obviously there is an investment both money and time upfront to get to this position but if you can get there then I would recommend investing upfront and worrying about the smaller details later on.

IndividualsTip 2 – Talk to Individuals (Don’t be corporate)

There’s nothing worse than a company that is a startup but already thinks they are one of the fortune 500 companies. Get over yourself you are a startup that could go under anytime! But whilst that might seem like a disadvantage, it actually involves your odds of connecting with customers! It helps people understand that you are a startup and what you offer is the best product on the market. We did this for a very weird client! Be individual and go out and connect with new customers individually. That’s your advantage vs a big corporate company!

Tip 3 – Create an Affiliate Programme

This is one I have seen on a number of websites, most recently on choseaquadcopter, a site designed to actually help people buy the correct drone for them. This works as follows. An individuals wants a specific item that isn’t brand relevant, they visit one of these sites, maybe they go to youtube and search instead, but they get onto the video that will direct them to the right product. They get the product they wanted and it took them only 10 mins, the end seller gets the sale from a customer that really needs what they are offering and the affiliate gets their commission. Everyone wins…. Seriously Everyone! If it’s good enough for Amazon its good enough for your business! We saw this in some pretty strange niches too.

Tip 4 – Don’t Be Perfect

People hate perfection. Products are never perfect so don’t try to pretend to be! Not a marketing tip as such, just a business tip in general. There is something in business called an MVP. It stands for Minimum viable product, this is the minimum good product you can bring to market and then get some sales from, gain experience and make it better as you go along. That is the way to launch a product, not to go all in on a launch thinking everything is perfect and saying it is too, only for people to be disappointed.

7 Marketing Tips for Technology Businesses | JackBoxers

Marketing TipsIn every business, marketing is the only way that can gain profit and increase sales. Every marketing staff or employees do have their own style of increasing the popularity of the product or service of a company. Some would spend large amounts of money and some would only have a little budget but use their own resources in marketing their products and services as much as possible.


Marketing can take on different forms. You can always do your marketing in different styles as long as it can really attract the attention of your market. You can be creative yet stick to a budget or you can go expensive and creative. This is about your technology business and this requires you to be more creative and stylish. This needs you to be more technological and a goal to attract your technological market should be performed. So how do you go about your marketing in your technological business?

  1. Be more creative and unique. Make your marketing strategy really effective in doing stylish and one of a kind marketing. A unique kind of marketing style that no one else has ever made.
  2. Choose your market well and do attract them with your style. There are a different ages in your kind of market and be sure to please them and let them be curious of what your product or service is all about.
  3. Make your hardware more visible, more user-friendly and not so strict on the budget. Make sure you have the nicest hardware in town.
  4. Straight to the point. Clients would love to have companies that would talk about the products or services straight to the point. In this way, customers would appreciate the point and how it is useful.
  5. You can build relationships with your customers and be online as much as possible to your website and social networking accounts. This is what the market needs to have. They want to have the kind of company that are present and gives time to answer comments and suggestions part of every client.
  6. Be the one to introduce the new and latest trend or style in the market. Challenge yourself to compete with the others and make yourself be the sought after company. Be sure that your website and social account area is always updated and you as the owner is present as well. Market would love to interact with the company and this way you can gain more clients than before.
  7. Do create advertisements that you know for sure can really attract the market. This will make the market really curious and will also become the reason they will be visiting your website and office.

Do always become a company that will make everyone curious. Through your marketing styles, people would love to try new things and purchase anything new to them. Make this a habit to always surprise the market. In this way, you will really earn hug sales in no time.

5 Best Tech News Websites 2016

Tech SphereLast week I did a post on the 3 reasons I believe the tech industry is booming and is about to explode beyond all measure. This is down to now close to every individual on earth having a mobile phone, if you can promote to a worldwide audience, the profits are just there to be made! I estimate the next industry to be disrupted (in the way that Airbnb has disrupted the hotel industry and in the same way that Uber has disrupted the travel/taxi industry) is EDUCATION. I could write a 10,000 word article on why I believe this to be the case but for now we will just leave it with – The oldest industries tend to be the ones that get disrupted and education is suffering at the moment!

My second guess would be agriculture, with the introduction of advanced farming and automated chemical technologies, it is just a matter of time until businesses get themselves onto the agricultural map through smart technological advances…. But that is not the purpose for this article so I will get on with it!

My Top 5 Sources of Technology News 2016

  1. Cnet Tech – Cet is an internet based tech supplier of great and more importantly up to date news. They have new stories any time of the day when it makes the most sense and relevance to post them! They don’t promote rubbish channels or clearly promoted content either.
  2. The Verve – More talking about the consumer element of tech news, including the most up to date revolutionary products that are already, or at least very close to going to market. I don’t feel they have the same reach as the others on the list but still a great and no BS tech blog.
  3. Tech Crunch – Probably the number 1 leader in tech news nowadays, and one of the biggest tech blogs ever! Tech crunch is great for everyone, their articles are concise and well written and you don’t need to be a techy to understand most of the content either, which is always a plus. This should be the first on your list for news.
  4. WIRED – Another giant in the tech niche, wired magazine is my go to place for tech related to business advancements. They make a great connect between technology that is cool vs technology that genuinely can help the community. They also have high quality business, design, transport, science and security sections if anyone is interested in those topics too.
  5. Telegraph – A newspaper first, this is perfect for individuals who want to see the biggest technology stories without having to look through the other smaller or less significant stuff. I read the telegraph on a daily basis including a quick flick through these sections to see if I have missed any important tech news!

There is also a pretty good Youtube channel for tech news, one of there videos is below.