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Creative Ways to Motivate Sales Teams

All workplaces strive towards building great sales teams that outperform others, are more efficient and create a work environment that people get excited for and want to be a part of. The problem though, is few know how to actually develop this kind of great team.

Getting New Additions to Your Sales Team Up To Speed

As a sales chief, you have a lot of things on your plate and obviously, all of them are mission critical. Indeed, even in an environment where almost everything is a top priority, there is one that really comes first: getting new hires up to speed and producing. Unfortunately, this is also something that a lot of sales directors lose sight of in their race to get numbers up for the quarter. As it were, they exchange a marginal transient gain for a substantially more substantial long term one Asa result, new hires frequently experience a trial by fire and numerous talented sales reps wind up failing on the grounds that nobody helped them get off to a decent begin.

You are the one individual who can verify that this doesn’t happen and it doesn’t imply that you need to go through every waking minute with new hires either. There are a couple of simple however highly effective strategies that can help your new hires begin producing like prepared masters in no time flat.

Roll Out the Welcome Mat

There’s nothing to help morale (and execution) like being let into the club and getting access to the tricks of the exchange. Your new hires need to end up integrated into the group ASAP, whether that implies seating them alongside your best and brightest at meetings or organizing a night out for the sales reps to welcome the most current individual from the group or simply having your best people cc them on emails. The formal training you’ll provide will show new hires about your item, however its your experienced reps who can give them the tools they really need to wind up successful in their new role. There’s a lot of knowledge in your own particular division already – utilize this asset.

Give Them Opportunities to Succeed

It could take a while for your new hires to make a sale, depending on the way of your business and the normal sale cycle. Regardless of the fact that it generally takes months to close the deal in your industry, don’t miss the opportunity for some positive reinforcement along the way. Set milestones (like getting in contact with a purchaser at a potential new record) and acknowledge them as they meet these goals. Not just does this help you guide new hires along the right way, yet it also lets you know which new reps require a little more help to succeed.

Try not to Get Too Hung Up On the Numbers

Yes, the numbers are important; yet as another hire, being held to the same metrics as experienced sales reps is nothing shy of demoralizing. You should be mindful of the figures for new hires, yet don’t anticipate that them will create sales like your best reps right off the bat. Instead, emphasize the activities that they should be doing that do drive sales – engaging with prospects. It’s also not necessarily what number of calls they make or what number of emails they send that ultimately matters, its the reaction they’re getting. If they’re not doing the right things, telling them they’re not working sufficiently hard isn’t the answer. Verify that your new hires are taking the right approach and the numbers will follow.

Website Design 101 – DIY or Outsource?

In 2016 there is a different feel to business. It’s less about what you do now and more about what you look like. It’s strange that the circle of business has almost come 360 degrees but the truth is if you don’t look good, in terms of social media and your website. You have almost 0% chance of convincing anyone to do business with you!

Although worrying its not a complicated measure to resolve. First you need to make a decision if you are going to be a DIY business owner or are you going to hire a company and outsource the work.

There are pros and cons to both.

Do It Yourself


  1. You get to do everything yourself so can repeat the process in the future.
  2. You know exactly when it will be complete and how much it costs.
  3. You do not have to give away any unnecessary data, information or funds.


  1. This takes a lot of your valuable time.
  2. If you are inexperienced it could take you a lot of time to learn the processes
  3. You might be inefficient in these tasks!

If you decide to DIY then check out the article here which talks about the simple website design tips to remember when you start the building process of your business. The infographic is also outlined below.

Top 16 design tips for business owners

Top 16 design tips for business owners

The outsourcing method as you would expect has the exact opposite effect. You are paying someone to do the task for you, but you get your time back as a result. Personally I think this is the way all business owners should go. Your time is worth more than anything, not just in business but in life too! MAKE THE MOST OF IT!

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Leaflet & Flyer Marketing Techniques

Print marketing imageBeing in the marketing world can be challenging. Effort is essential and you should have a lot of techniques at keep to make a sale. Sales person could be a rewarding job if you can do it better. There are more ways on how you will be able to keep your clients on guard.  Giving out flyers and leaflets is one of the techniques use by sales person to give their client something they could read on in case there are interesting point they need to review at home such as prices and some promo inclusions which is detailed written on the leaflets.

There are different marketing techniques that focus on leaflets and flyers used by sales person. Some companies make it a point that they put it in a series in case the first technique will not be effective in the demographic location, they can immediately venture on the second one. Your brochure should mandate to your audience about what you want them to do. The leaflets you have given to your audience should motivate them to respond on their specific desire which only you and your company can provide. Since there are several types of brochures you can see in the market, every one of them has different ways of attracting people. Leaflets are effective when you are selling only one item and if it happens that you are selling different kinds of items which are under one company, you should have put them together and compile them into a brochure.

Leaflet Print Motivating your audience with the use of your flyers needs to undergo process. Attracting attention of your audience is very important. If you will look into the emotion of your client, you will know how to lead it to your offer. You just have to guide them and show them the benefits that they can gain out of purchasing your offer or services. Putting your contact numbers and websites in your flyers is the most important thing you should not forget. This is their way of responding to you. If they have not seen these details on your flyers, everything could all be wasted. When you have motivated your clients, it will make them take an immediate action to act on your offer.  You should specify deadline if you have an offer which is bound to due.

You can also mix direct marketing with online marketing, utilising a company such as: and helping them combine your direct marketing efforts with your PPC and SEO.

The leaflet you prepare should have the great list of offer that makes your client interested in what you are offering to them. We know how excellent it is to know that we can get responses coming from several people who received the flyers. Motivating your client is very essential even if this will be done in a piece of readable material. It should have a different attack that effectively affects the views and opinions of your clients. Use ROI calculations to show your client exactly how profitable a particular leaflet campaign will be. Directing them to what you offer, it should be presented as it is one of their needs and it will make their lives easier or make a sense to them.

Marketing advice for UK Law Firms

not the way to market a lawyerThe picture to your right is what most people envision when you say you are a lawyer or work for a law firm in the UK. A bunch of old guys in wigs with about as much enthusiasm as a plank of wood.

The reality is, the UK has one of the tightest legal systems in the world. You can see this in action every day at any court in the UK!

Last week we shadowed a lawyer in Salisbury (Wiltshire) to ask them what they thought of the legal system and the image of legal services in the UK, and as we thought they agreed with us, too much is done by too few, too old!


How To Brand a Boring Industry

Let’s be honest that we all know we should be branding. As you all know I used to work for the branding division and I still forget to do some of the basics sometimes and I think I’m in a relatively interesting industry (marketing) but some people that are in businesses that might actually put you to sleep if they talk about them, those are the people that this article is for! Don’t be this guy:

Bad branding

No one saw this in production?

Brand your business properly.

We spoke to Tom from Garage-shelving and talked about what they do to try and brand their business better than the companies that have advertising and money behind them. His answer was actually pretty simple. We try to let our products do the talking, if you order from us and everything goes smoothly, we know you will come back to us. We brand our packaging and products but not to a level that annoys the end consumer. All our racking and shelving comes with guides on how to install and we have video guides too, this means if you are really struggling you just go to the site and type in the item you have, and boom there is a video guide ready to help you!

3 keys to remember:

1.) Be creative – No one remembers where they brought the first padlock from. But if you made your padlock bright pink or orange, then maybe they would. This makes sense and can be used in industries from garage storage to stacking shelves!

2.) Have a USP – A unique selling point or USP is something all businesses should have regardless of type, price, size or even branding! But your USP should not only be great for the end user or customer but it also needs to be something that people associate with your business. For example take an author of an advertising book. His USP is that he’s extremely knowledge about advertising, this means he can then go ahead and sell to you with your knowledge. Would you rather go to an advertising agency where the CEO is a best selling author in the industry or one where they look cool?

3.) Be Personal – There is nothing worse than not knowing who you are doing business with. When I first got started in marketing I made it a point to call every one of my clients at least once a month, just to ask how everything is going and to see if they need anything. This goes a lot further to the client than just asking if anything is wrong, it shows you care!

It’s also important to remember that branding is the end all of business. Thousands of businesses have made millions with reletively poor branding. Non-memorable campaigns but the product or service is so good that you remember them.

But it becomes so much easier if consumers associate your brand with quality and remember you once they purchase.

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Top 3 Places to get quality information (Online)

We Recommend utilising the Top UK Business Forums to get your information from REAL business people in the UK!

Although it’s not a new concept, business forums are one of the most effective ways to discuss issues related to the industry of your particular company. However, deciding on which business forum to join can be a tough decision. Here are some of the top ones in the UK that you should definitely consider:

1. Free Business Forums:
This forum was founded in August 2008 and is quickly offering advice on a wide range of business-related topics, including marketing, SEO, software accounting, employment, and launching a small or medium business. As its name suggests, the forum is free, so you won’t have to use your company’s funds to use it. Visitors will have to register before they can make posts. Before receiving messages, users must choose the forum that they want to visit. There are several different forums to choose from, giving visitors the chance to discuss a wide arrangement of different topics.

2. All Top
The objective of Alltop is to answer visitors’ questions “What’s happening?” It features a wide array of topics that those in the business world would be interested in. The company explains that it focuses on the nuts and bolts of business rather than facts and figures that can be learned from a search engine. The company collects the newest stories from the best websites and blogs that cover a particular topic. The forum groups the collections or “aggregations” into web pages. The 5 most recent articles are listed under various headings such as science, politics, etc. Small Business/Business Intelligence focuses on the business world.

3. My Local Services –

UK business forum

This forum is in the UK. It’s for small business owners and includes a wide range of topics to grow one’s business. It includes various methods to accomplish that goal. For example, it includes various growth topics and areas that small business owners would be interesting in. Another feature of the forum is that it allows visitors to connect to other business owners in order to learn what is allowing their business to grow. Besides that, the company also provides content that only members can access, provided by experts in the world of small business.

4. Business Insider

In June the site had 5.4 million unique visitors. Past speakers of the site have included those from Amazon, GE, Tumblr, and other well-known companies. It was founded by former DoubleClick Founder Kevin P. Ryan. It provides and review business news, and serves as an aggregator of top news stories on the Internet. Its original works have been cited by news sources such as The New York Times and NPR.

BI Intelligence was launched in January 2015. It’s a subscription-based research service providing information and analysis on industries such as mobile, ecommerce, and digital media. It also publishes editorial franchise every year.

5. Quora

The site provides “The best answer to any question.” The mission is to share and increase the world’s knowledge. That includes access to several types of knowledge, including politics, business, etc. It makes sharing and getting information easy.

How To Market to Lawyers and Solicitors

Lawyers and solicitors are a completely different breed of business. They thrive on being the best locally. If you live in a small city and you are seen as the “best solicitor” or the “top divorce lawyer” you can generate a lot of business simply through word of mouth…But how do you get to this position? Well this is how I explain marketing to solicitors and lawyers.

This is exactly how I landed a new legal client (Parker Bullen) From just a 2 week process.

As I mentioned, once a legal firm is seen as the best in their local area, there is no longer a need to market aggressively as word of mouth will do everything for you. But unfortunately its not always that easy and its difficult to get to this point.

Marketing for solicitors

So step 1 – You have to implement this idea in your prospects mind, for example if they know they will become the best solicitors in a specific area by working with you, they need to know they will be sorted for a DECADE and not just the time it takes you to get to this point.

You can do this by simply talking to your prospect and explaining this situation “You know these results last forever” and “once you rank you profit every single week” are 2 phrases you can use. This makes closing the client eventually a lot easier.

The next step is to convince the client that you are better than everyone else in your industry, you are the glove to their hand AKA the perfect fit for their business!!! This is an old school marketing technique but one you should implement. You can do this by using case studies, testimonials and more importantly emphasising how you’ve done this before in the same industry and its produced great results.

Step 3 is explaining how you will provide value. If you’re not going to produce value then your not going to make a sale, but if you can explain why your service is CHEAP compared to what they will receive, well your going to make a lot money then.

Also an important point to remember is that people love people and businesses love business people. Your client is buying from you and not your brand/logo or anything else, from you and you only. Make sure you are personal and professional.

Also individuals in the legal firm are often very smart businessmen and women unlike photographers and as a result will pay upfront to receive a 10-15% deposit, this helps the cash flow of your business too.

How To Automate A Business

In this article we discuss how to automate a business, but our example is based on the forex trading markets. We used the example that automate forex trading talked about in their article.

Forex info:[showhide type=”post” more_text=”Show more…” less_text=”Show less…”]

The specialty of the house! We have over 30 years of experience as leaders in the Procurement Service – Foreign Exchange, offering our customers the best exchange rate and the best service in the market.

We offer the best exchange rate for all foreign exchange transactions.

Personalized service.

This center works for over 30 years and its development is marked , like the rest of contemporary society , for the impact of the creation and use of new information technologies and communications. It could even be argued that the CIBE as part of the banking system is among the institutions more promptly introduced new technologies in their daily work within the Cuban state social field , which became the essence of his work .

Automation in the liquidation of its operations.

We make sure to monitor their operations and transfers from start to finish ..

Exchange activity and Payment Processing

Mexican leader in the proveeduría of payments related to foreign exchange and other transaction processing services

No. 1 in market share by revenue in the segment of private clients domestic-nonfinancial and individuals (excluding governmental entities and financial institutions)

US $ 70.000 billion in foreign exchange transactions in the last 12 months

50,000 active customers – businesses and individuals in the operation of Changes in the 3rd quarter of 2009

Differentiated relationships with each of our clients

Extensive branch network – 42 key cities in the Mexican Republic

Customer services (flexibility in operations and after-sale)

Electronics dispersion.

How Much Should You Invest In Online Marketing?

If your a local business owner, you’re probably wondering how you can actually afford online marketing, my question is: “How can you afford not to!”

Some businesses come to me and say they have a £100 per month budget…Which is fine, but don’t even try any only marketing. The number 1 seo consultant in the uk charges £300 per month for the smallest local sites and works up to £1,500 monthly for competitive locations and industries.

Local businesses need to understand how digital marketing prices work and how seo companies and the like calculate them. – The video below perfectly demonstrates how most SEO companies calculate their ROI for clients.

How to Write a Professional Resume

Writing a professional, highly converting resume is an art, a science and most importantly, a marketing strategy. Instead of marketing a product or service, your marketing yourself, the marketing used might vary but the result is the same, you are looking to close the sale, except the sale is yourself!

There are  key things to remember when writing a professional resume:

5 keys to professional resume writing:

1.) Relevance – Be relevant, don’t try to get hired for every good job opening you see. If you’re a marketing manager or if your a accountant, don’t try to market to the job you are looking at. Instead ensure you keep your options relevant and specific. Don’t waste time applying to jobs that have nothing to do with what you actually want to do.

2.) Specific – Similar to relevance but slightly different, you want to be highly specific to how you write your resume. You are writing to impress people at the end of the day, but you do not want to come across big headed or arrogant. It’s a very fine line to walk and some people don’t walk it correctly and hence, have a very difficult time getting hired.

3.) Arrogance – Already mentioned, but you need to sell yourself without coming across arrogant in anyway. This is difficult in essential what is your own opinion of yourself. But its essential you are memorable for the right reasons and not the wrong ones.

4.) High-paying – Believe it or not, employers like people who know what they want. If you make too much emphasis to starting at the bottom of the corporate ladder, this comes across unambitious, even though you might only be trying to be polite.

5.) Personal – Make your resume personal. If you’re applying to a job or opening that you know is likely to receive hundreds if not thousands of applications, then you need to stand out.

You can also use someone who offers a resume writing service such as if you’re not confident with the above 5 points and doing a resume yourself!


How To Grow Your Business As A Blogger

One exceptionally viable approach to develop your business online is by keeping up a web promoting website! Blogging for business however can introduces certain difficulties that make it difficult to keep your needs straight regarding what assignments are the most imperative! Well any great blogger ought to rapidly understand that if profiting is their objective than promoting is their need!

The following is a survey of 3 assignments that merited the most consideration by any individual who is blogging for business! they show How to grow your business as a blogger.

Draw in Readers

Your web showcasing web journal will fill you or no need unless you have something to offer individuals who arrive on your webpage! The very establishment of your stage is the substance you post to it along these lines a top need, and a continuous one will be to make and post overhauls to keep your per-users upbeat and returning! Keep in mind on the off chance that you are blogging for business you should first have guests to try and have the most remote shot of making any deals!

Catch Names

One imperative key to web promoting achievement is to lead a successful email showcasing battle! This obviously requires for you to manufacture a rundown and to do as such you must catch the contact data of the individuals who arrive on your site! Presently a decent blogger comprehends that they would prefer not to divert their guests or even commute them away with a “disagreeable” crush page! The arrangement when blogging for business is to just place a pick in box conspicuously at the highest point of your landing page! Presently guests have the alternative of leaving their contact data and on the off chance that they pick not to, they can simply do as such later when they return!

Make Product Offers

Blogging for business obliges you have items or administrations to offer and this is the main way you’ll profit! It in this manner makes sense that if profiting is your objective, it ought to likewise be one of your progressing needs! The way you decide to adapt your webpage is dependent upon you however the reality remains that without making any item offers, your web promoting online journal can NOT win you a wage! Whether you utilize item connecting, lease space to different promoters or promotion sense, you must have and keep up a procedure that permits you to acquire a salary!

One decent approach to develop your business online is by setting up a web advertising web journal! Blogging for business however does have a tendency to befuddle or even overpower individuals regarding recognizing what their needs are on a regular premise! As officially specified above if profiting is your objective than an accentuation MUST be put on any undertakings that will finish only that! Our survey above distinguishes the 3 most critical ranges any great blogger needs to concentrate on to gain a pay! By keeping your needs straight and your concentrate clear your web advertising web journal can give you a clean salary for your endeavors!